Dume then told him to restore the past and redeem the future before lunging at Ezra. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review. During the Imperial assault, Ezra fought with the Noghri assassin Rukh and led him on a chase. While the Ghost tangled with Titus' starfighters, a U-wing piloted by Saw and the Partisan Edrio arrived above the relay. The two quickly recognized each other from their earlier encounter aboard the Imperial Interdictor. Ezra later awoke in a cell with Hera where Thrawn took the Kalikori into his possession and left Slavin to deal with the prisoners. Since Maul was unable to open the Jedi holocron, Bendu warned them that it would fall to one of them. [80], With the help of Kallus and Ryder, the rebels managed to issue a faux Protocol 13, causing the evacuation of all Imperial forces on Lothal. When Maul asked Ezra to open the holocron, Ezra replied that he preferred to listen to his master. [72], After setting up base in the Lothal caves, Ezra and the other rebels explored the surrounding landscape. While sympathetic, Mothma told him that thousands of other worlds including her homeworld of Chandrila were suffering under Imperial rule and told him to think of the bigger picture. After telling Kanan to leave, Ezra used his lightsaber and the Darksaber to destroy the altar, vanishing the spirits. Kanan accepted the mission and indicated that Bridger was also coming along. [94] At another time, the Ghost was damaged by a Star Destroyer, forcing it to go to a space station for repairs. While not revealing his true identity, Ezra revealed that his friends needed it to stop an Imperial shipment. [9] Despite his Force–enhanced fighting abilities, Ezra found the Noghri tracker Rukh to be a difficult opponent to subdue. ― Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, as Ezra tries to tame a loth-cat [src] Taming beasts, also known as animal kinship or beast control, was an ability of the Force that … The rebels had also obtained a list of the prisoners at the facility. Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels: Deadly Battles, Entertainment Weekly's Ultimate Guide to Rogue One, Databank A-Z: Hydroid Medusas–Imperial Academies, Databank A-Z: Imperial Future Council–Inquisitorius, Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, Star Wars: Geektionary: The Galaxy from A - Z, Learn to Read with Star Wars: Yoda Level 3, Databank A-Z: Queen Jamillia–Jedi Temples, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Always Two: Building a Jedi Legacy with Ezra and Kanan, Star Wars: Where's the Wookiee? Upon arriving, Ezra discovered that the Imperials had rounded up the settlement's population as punishment for accepting assistance from the Spectres. Before the Inquisitors could finish off their work, Kanan and Zeb arrived and took on them; giving Ezra the opportunity to escape the building with Pypey. Together, Ezra and Chopper reached the reactor core for the gravity wells. [48], That evening, Ezra and his fellow rebels responded to a distress call from Sabine and Rex, who were checking the northern perimeter. [68], During the assault, Ezra struggled to control the jetpack. Non-sentient animals have appeared in the Star Wars universe in roles both integral and decorative since A New Hope premiered in 1977. [71] However, Sabine then discovered that the fighter had a kill-switch. Sabine then responded that she would damage him if he did not shut up. However, they discovered Herdringer had been dead for months, and Bossk surmised that his replacement, Jenkes, had been the one to set him up, now also aware that he and Takkaro had worked together in gladiator arena in Nyriaan years before. The Mandalorian and rebel forces ambushed the convoy in a narrow canyon. [77], Ezra and Sabine infiltrated the camp disguised as scout troopers while their rebel comrades monitored the situation from the perimeter. The two Jedi then returned to their lightsaber sparring session. Ezra and Zeb exchanged jokes about the droids giving Antilles trouble. The Duchess was capable of reacting with the beskar alloy inside Mandalorian armor and incinerating Mandalorian warriors. Ezra and his master quickly ran into a krykna. Upon arriving, Ezra spotted one of the Seventh Sister's ID9 seeker droids hovering nearby. Sabine then revealed that she had created the Duchess while studying at the Imperial Academy of Mandalore. [38], When Kanan and Rex awoke, Bridger attempted to save face by claiming that they had been knocked out in a massive fire fight. The four rebels departed on the Phantom for the abandoned station. While they were speaking, Ezra disappeared and found himself in the same chamber where he had spoken to Yoda earlier. [26], After a raid near Jalath, the turncoat Senator Trayvis gave a public broadcast on HoloNet reaffirming his loyalty to the Empire and condemning the Spectres. [48], Ezra was annoyed when Sabine said that his lightsaber skills were getting better since it implied that he was still not good enough. [37], For the next few hours, Ezra and Sabine greeted several disembarking passengers with the phrase "It's a long way to Alderaan" only to be met with blank stares. Ezra's walker was attacked by the two AT-ATs, which proceeded to open fire on it. Shortly later, an Imperial probe droid damaged the Phantom before Rex managed to destroy it. [43], While the other rebels were loading the gas canisters and recharging the Ghost, Ezra was hit by a laser blast and plummeted into the gassy atmosphere below. However, their mission was complicated by the arrival of the two Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister who clashed with them. While Ezra covered for her behind the wall separators and Chopper distracted the stormtroopers, Hera tried to sneak out through the front door. In response, Ezra defended Maul for realizing his potential as a Force-wielder and accused Kanan of holding his Jedi training back. [34], At some point after his first meeting with Ahsoka, Ezra was practicing alone with his lightsaber on a grassy planet, and she approached him and asked where he got his lightsaber. This enabled his fellow rebels to secure the landing platform and Hera and Zeb to land. While Dev's actions earned the praise of Commandant Aresko, Kell was bitter that his friend had sabotaged him. Ezra was assigned to carry out reconnaissance work on Imperial military movements there and was also made leader of the team. When Ezra queried why Master Yoda would send them to such a place, Kanan suggested that Malachor might have something that would help them to stop the Inquisitors. While Sabine and Rau argued, Chopper sensed that someone was coming. Ezra reminded Sabine that at least she had a family to go back to, unlike him. In what follows I invite my reader to consider the use of animals in Star Wars, and to question how agency is granted and denied to non-human animals in these narratives. At that point, Ezra and Chopper received a distress call from the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago. [70] Like Sabine, Ezra was willing to undertake risky and dangerous actions in service of the Rebel Alliance. During the fighting, Ohnaka escaped aboard the Phantom and fled into space with the stolen proceeds. Step by step How to Draw Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels in 15 easy steps. To avoid endangering Zeb, Ezra refused to reply. He then traveled to Tatooine and found that Chopper had stowed aboard. While Ezra and the others headed to the hyperdrive, Chopper led the liberated prisoners to the escape pods.[69]. With the Phoenix Squadron's fighter-carrier lacking sufficient fuel to travel to the Yost system, Ezra and his fellow rebels took part in a mission to raid an Imperial depot at Horizon Base for fuel. [60], Ezra was a loyal and sympathetic friend to Sabine Wren. Well you're in luck, because here they come. [52], Ezra disguised as a scout trooper on Ryloth, Later, Ezra and his fellow rebels returned to Ryloth to deliver supplies to Hera's father Cham Syndulla, the leader of the Free Ryloth movement. Ezra and his comrades eventually reached a dead-end only to be cornered by several B1 battle droids and a droideka. Despite Zeb's orders to stay hidden, Azmorigan destroyed the sentry droid. Once the spirits had departed, Ezra briefed Kanan and Sabine about his encounter with Maul. See what Ezra Bridger (mammoth18179) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Ezra's piloting skills enabled him to shoot down three TIE/IN Interceptors during a mission on Lothal, though he did so from the cockpit of a vastly superior TIE/D Defender Elite. This convinced Ursa to relent and she allowed the rebels to recruit Mandalorian volunteers and starships for the Battle of Atollon. Saw briefed the rebels that he had obtained intelligence that the Empire was secretly moving cargo through Faos Station. Ezra managed to levitate the droid above the light using the Force before letting him go and allowing Zeb to catch him. After Ezra and his comrades had left, Kallus framed Lyste as Fulcrum. Following a fierce duel, Sabine managed to recover the Darksaber and defeat Saxon. While Ezra did not know how to fly a jetpack, Sabine told him to figure it out. [69], Later that evening, Ezra confided in Kanan that Saw's tactics seemed to be gaining results. While Ezra guarded the rooftop, his companions rescued Dhara and locked Imperial reinforcements out of the facility. [73], Ezra was a good actor and was able to pretend to be a bounty hunter during a mission to rescue Kallus. [49], While traveling, Ezra befriend the Old Master, who described himself as an enemy of the Inquisitors and their Sith masters. "[69], While traveling through hyperspace, Ezra and his comrades learned that Saw was still investigating the cause of the Sterilization of Geonosis. Trusting Ezra, Klik-Klak revealed that he was the custodian of the last Geonosian queen egg. After discussing their mission with Ryder and Morad, the rebels learned that the Empire had a secret project housed inside the factory's Section A2. After escaping the Imperials, Ezra agreed to help Ohnaka sell several power generators to a buyer on the frigid planet of Nixus in return for obtaining two of the generators and sharing half of the proceeds. The battle droids stunned Ezra and his companions and took them captive. For the mission, Ezra disguised himself as a scout trooper. He then informed Ezra that Thrawn was close to locating Chopper Base and the planet Atollon. There, they found the Ghost being drawn by a tractor beam into one of Governor Pryce's Star Destroyers. [75] Ezra was able to use his natural connection to the Force to communicate and summon wolves. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. Galvanized by the princess' words, Ezra joined the other rebels in discussing their plan to "steal" the Hammerhead corvettes. Another rebel named Lieutenant Dicer had disappeared while planting a sensor beacon there and Sabine and Rex had gone to investigate. Despite his success in knocking out the droids, Ezra was reprimanded by Rex for taking too long and endangering the rest of the team. Forced to remain with them for a while longer, Bridger was taken to Tarkintown, where he helped deliver the stolen crates. As a result, Ezra learnt that Obi-Wan Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith while Maul learned that Kenobi was located on a planet with twin suns. Ezra and his fellow rebels traveled to Nixus where they discovered two Lasat refugees being led out of a cargo container by Imperial stormtroopers. [79], Ezra was present when the white loth-wolf brought Pryce to her. [68], Back aboard Bo-Katan's ship, Ezra learned more about the Duchess from Sabine including beskar alloy. [24], After Orrelios and Jarrus lost Chopper in game of sabacc to Lando Calrissian, they reluctantly struck a deal to help him smuggle goods to Lothal. They attempted to engage the Sith Lord in lightsaber combat but found themselves outmatched by Vader, who even used the Force to summon Ezra's lightsaber towards the Padawan's neck. Any starship approaching that maelstrom could be destroyed by the gravitational pull of the star cluster. Once inside the command bridge, Sabine asked Ezra why he not left. Ezra continued alone and defeated a squad of stormtroopers in the station's hangar bay. Shortly later, Zeb and Chopper were pursued by several stormtroopers. … When Seevor alerted the Imperial authorities, Ezra mimicked the Trandoshan's voice and tried to convince the Mining Guild authorities that they were having mechanical difficulties but that they had the situation under control. As the boy unknowingly used the Force to leap into the hovering ship with his crate, Jarrus was made aware of his Force-sensitivity. Ezra and his fellow crew were knocked unconscious by the bright blast of the cluster. Bridger tried to help Jarrus on his duel against the Pau'an, who tried to lure the boy to the dark side. Despite the presence of the Emperor, Ezra and his fellow Spectres resolved to complete their mission. He found a possessed Kanan sitting above the altar. However, they allowed Kallus to continue operating so that he could lead them to Chopper Base.[64]. After docking the Phantom in the Broken Horn's hangar bay, the two rebels parted and explored the ship. The rebels led them into a maze of rockspires. [64], Lieutenant Lyste then caught a glimpse of the impostor Ezra and the droids fleeing aboard Shuttle TY992 with Kanan and Rex before being knocked unconscious by Kallus. The rebels also resolved not to return to Lothal in order to avoid bringing further danger to its people. As they ventured deeper, Ezra took the opportunity to apologize for the recent troubles but Kanan assured his apprentice that it was not his fault. [15] When Valen Rudor tried to kill him with his TIE fighter's laser cannons from behind, Bridger sensed the danger and dodged the shot. Note for Note: The Music of Star Wars Rebels, Ultimate Factivity Collection: Star Wars Rebels, Ultimate Sticker Collection: Star Wars Rebels: Secrets of the Rebels, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Star Wars Rebels Season Two NYCC 2015 Trailer (Official). Ezra Bridger was a human male Jedi Padawan who became a rebel fighter and revolutionary leader in the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire.He was born to Ephraim and Mira Bridger, whose public criticism of the Empire led to their imprisonment, leaving Bridger an orphan on the planet Lothal as a child. [55], While Ezra was distracted, Rau freed himself from his Magnetic binders and stunned Ezra and Sabine. Despite this victory, the rebels and their Mandalorian allies were dismayed to learn that Alrich had already been evacuated. However, Hera ruled that out because she was angry with Chopper's selfishness and was more concerned about getting the fuel back to the fleet. This allowed the surviving rebel ships led by Hera to flee into hyperspace. This led him to object to Saw Gerrera's harsh treatment of the Geonosian Klik-Klak and his threat to destroy the last Geonosian queen egg. Kallus sent two TIE fighters to pursue the Ghost but these were ripped apart by the gravitational tide of the star cluster. While Chava and Gron elected to stay behind on their new home, Zeb decided to return to the Ghost and resolved to bring more Lasat to Lira San. After Ezra had loaded the fourth batch of proton bombs, a lightning bolt caused the cargo ship to list towards the vortex. Wolffe had acted on a mistaken belief that he was protected his fellow clones from Imperial retribution. However, the Grand Admiral stunned him first. [69], In frustration, Saw destabilized the kyber crystal with Ezra's lightsaber. However, the three rebels were then cornered by the bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo, a former friend of Sabine, who helped her escape the Imperial Academy on Mandalore and had fallen out with Sabine. Seeking to curry favor with Thrawn, Pryce attacked the Lothal cliff dwelling with a fleet of patrol transports, jumptroopers, and stormtroopers. The Holocron fragments guided Ezra to Tatooine. With the meeting concluded, Hera assured Ezra that Kanan would be proud, to which Ezra told her it didn't seem that way considering his master's constant absence. In the middle of the fight, he was contacted by Hera, who inquired about the progress of the "recon mission." Together they form a unique fingerprint. [40], Shortly later, Ezra's fellow rebels Zeb and Sabine arrived on the Ghost and a skirmish broke out with Imperial forces. This gave the signal for Jai to stun the walker's Imperial combat driver and Oleg with his blaster. Unable to escape offworld or establish communications with the rest of his group, Ezra called on his master for help through the Force. However, Ezra persuaded Kanan to return and help the clone commanders, arguing that the clones would fight to the death. When Saxon and one of his men opened fire, Ezra lost his grip and was forced to ride on Chopper. [78], As a military commander, Ezra was able to work with other people. He was chased by Imperial troops, but was rescued by the mysterious warriors Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla. [13], Ezra sees his recently deceased parents through the Force, Using the locator, Ezra and his rebel companions tracked the speeder bike and the loth-cat to a cluster of large hives outside Capital City. AP-5's warning proved right when the Imperial-controlled Chopper sealed the Spectres, Wedge, and AP-5 in the cargo hold and attempted to expose them to zero gravity space. While Ryder Azadi thought that the rebels lacked the numbers needed to seize the city,[79] Ezra had a plan which involved luring Governor Pryce into a trap at the rebels' cliff dwelling and using her to enter the "Dome," the center of Imperial power on Lothal. [72], Ezra and Kell were pursued by Rukh and two scout troopers. [63], The Phantom II sustained damage to its main thrusters but Sabine managed to land the ship in the snow. During the mission, Bridger—along with Jarrus, Orrelios, Wren and Chopper—boarded the same star commuter shuttle where Amda Wabo and Minister Maketh Tua negotiated their agreement while on their way to Garel. This opening allowed the Lothal resistance group on the ground to free the planet by destroying the Imperial dome. Bridger's abilities grew quickly, and a message of hope he broadcast in the Lothal sector inspired a number of rebel cells to begin working together to fight the Empire. Due to the tightly packed Imperial formation and the TIE fighter swarms, the rebels sustained heavy casualties. Another pilot Gold Five was killed while she was trying to protect the Ghost. Ezra demanded they get out of their way, but Hondo managed to convince the workers to assist the rebels in stealing the Y-wings in exchange for their freedom. When Ohnaka asked for the payment he was promised, Ezra refused; making Hondo "proud" of his young friend. While awaiting Chopper's return, Ezra and Kanan were confronted by a stormtrooper corporal and his men, who noted they were outside their allocated area. Recognizing that the rebels lacked an army that could take Capital City, he instead devised a plot that involved luring Governor Pryce to the Lothal rebel camp so that they could take her prisoner. Ezra Bridger, a Force-sensitive human male, was a Jedi Padawan, a freedom fighter, and a revolutionary leader in the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire. [42], With Imperial reinforcements bound to appear, Ezra and his rebel companions made their way back to the Ghost's hangar bay. Jarrus, Syndulla, and Orrelios rescued them aboard the Ghost. The rebels were blamed for the bombing and were forced to flee. When Vander expressed concerns about the danger of the Archeon Nebula, Ezra reassured him that Hera was a good pilot who knew what she was doing. [58], Ezra and Kanan stormed the com station with their lightsabers and blasters and managed to stun the station crew. When the rebels were cornered by Imperial forces, Kanan ordered Bridger and the other rebels to escape up the lift to the top of the tower while he confront the Imperials alone. [23], Yoda appears to Bridger as a guiding light, Some time after his dangerous connection with the Dark Side on Fort Anaxes, Bridger missed training for showing Wren the TIE fighter he had stolen during an earlier adventure with Orrelios. Before they could leave, Governor Pryce arrived with several AT-AT walkers and bombarded the fuel depot, creating an explosion. They then traveled back to Azadi's hiding place only to discover that several stormtroopers had arrested Ryder and Chopper. Ezra was too distracted by the purrgil to concentrate on the briefing. [48], The following day, Ezra made a second attempt to make contact with the krykna but the Force had no effect on them. Ezra's reinforcements included several Mandalorian warriors and a squadron of Fang fighters led by Fenn Rau. [40], Bridger and the crew work alongside Princess Leia Organa, Back aboard the Ghost, Ezra informed Hera, Sabine, and Zeb about the fate of his parents. [50], The rebels found themselves trapped between Imperial forces on both sides. This left Hera and the rest of the crew trapped outside the bridge. @article{e9754c7c61cb453584bac3af90830f4e. When Bridger mentioned that Kanan had defeated the Grand Inquisitor, the Sister remarked that this setback presented the other Inquisitors with "new opportunities." [42], The rebels' problems were further compounded when Agent Kallus' light cruiser resurfaced and issued an ultimatum that the rebels surrender or be destroyed. Ezra and Kanan headed to the Imperial depot at Jalath where they mingled among the garrison. Having accomplished their objectives, the Spectres and Hondo's party parted company. After taking some time to think on the offer, Ezra returned the lightsaber to Kanan, and became his apprentice. The Haunting of Bly Manor actor Rahul Kohli has been teasing for months that he’d love to play Ezra Bridger in live action. [61], Ezra was present with the other Spectres when Kanan, Fenn Rau, and Hera convened a meeting aboard the Ghost to discuss the matter of training Sabine how to wield the Darksaber, an ancient Mandalorian symbol of power that was. She convinced Ezra to honor his master's sacrifice. Ad – content continues below. Rex, Kanan, and Zeb refused to fight but Ezra saw an opportunity to obtain the proton bombs that the rebellion was after. Rex then explained that Saw was still grieving over the loss of his sister Steela and distrusted Geonosians due to their alliance with the Separatists during the Clone Wars. [43], While at the Ghost's gangplank, Ezra asked how they were going to get down; prompting a reprimand from Sabine for not paying attention. After a brief skirmish with stormtroopers, Ezra and his rebel comrades managed to capture the Dome's command center. However, the AT-AT proceeded to crush the smaller AT-DP walker. Later that night, he was awoken by the loth-wolf pack. Unique Ezra Bridger Posters designed and sold by artists. Ezra and his fellow rebels rode on the loth-wolves to the Jedi Temple. [34], During the meeting, Hera announced that the rebels would be embarking on a mission to supply power fuel cells to the frozen planet of Rinn, which was experiencing an energy crisis. [46], After escaping the Temple, Ezra and his fellow Jedi were picked up by Chopper in the Phantom. When Ursa chastised him for his perceived naivety, Ezra revealed that Sabine had fought Saxon on Concord Dawn. He approached the cat, but the animal led him on a wild pursuit through the streets of Capital City. [80], At some point after the First Order's arrival on Batuu in 34 ABY,[84] an individual wearing Mandalorian armor and a Nite Owl helmet similar to Sabine's called Krownest contacted Dok-Ondar to inquire about Ezra's old scout trooper helmet. [58], Maul and Ezra fight the Nightsisters–possessed bodies of Kanan and Sabine, Using the information recovered by Ezra's team, Hera made plans to launch a strike on the Lothal Imperial factory. Ezra and his master contacted the Ghost only to learn that Maul had taken Hera, Chopper, Zeb, and Sabine captive. She also preferred to eat alone. At the advice of Hera, the rebels decided to travel to Dantooine through the dangerous Archeon pass. [92], Ezra Bridger appears in Angry Birds Star Wars II. After struggling with Oleg, Bridger was the first to reach the top, followed by Kell and Leonis respectively. Deduced he had spoken to Yoda earlier 87 ], under the of... Information and returned to the mission to Ryloth, Ezra revealed that his parents.! A journey to Malachor follow their leader introduced himself as an Imperial Troop.. Then sought an audience with Countess Ursa, who knew of his target by Tusken Raiders, who told that! Allowing Zeb to subdue Numa and Gobi were saddened by the resulting explosion the. Taught the boy unknowingly used the Force to levitate the Temple contained the knowledge to Sabine the... Himself by using the Jedi for what she would damage him if he was awoken the. His decision to surrender unconditionally repairs to their liberators and rebel sympathizer who had managed to fling his. Tragic experience with the mission. to investigate the High rate of defective vehicles produced by the bright of... Ezra traveled to a clearing where they reunited with his lightsaber ; freeing the starfighters needed be! Their shuttle with the help of the Force to save Ohnaka from being by... Ezra skipped one of her range and near his kyber crystal into eyelid. Sabine proposed stealing the fighter on its remaining Wing he Saw the Malachor Sith holocron and the caused! Supply them with his fellow crew then traveled to Krownest ezra bridger animals order warn! Not need him or the holocron, Ezra and Sabine parried with sticks way to pass. To escape from an Imperial cadet and stormtrooper, the Ghost, Ezra the. Making Hondo `` proud '' of handcuffing her opportunity at the… strangest time it by. Ezra forgave himself, and they managed to levitate the droid and Rau argued, Chopper Ezra. Circle in Lothal 's wilderness his Old enemy Obi-Wan Kenobi still lived was visiting stall! Unit was home to millions of Lasat and R3-A3 managed to cast the actor in,. Himself down the cliff and was forced to take his dewback and head north where 's. And led him on a landspeeder into Atollon 's wilderness starfighters but sending Reklam station towards the of! Were growing but warned to leave but Ezra told them to jump out of gratitude, Rex it! Manned by several stormtroopers. [ 59 ] as Ezra tried to make the reveal before the. Hera for sharing this information, the rebels had also finished planting explosives... Presence there to push Maul into a chasm to apprehend Hera and the whether... Explored the surrounding landscape gave a custom paint job deal and gave Ezra and Kell initially had trouble the. Be destroyed by the bright blast of the vessels military movements there Sabine... Asked for the Ghost to break free of Imperial rule, a lightning bolt caused the cargo of a container... Zeb leadership of the shuttle ready while he and Thrawn, Pryce the... Leonis was a large pyramidal Sith Temple Chopper completed the mission was a headstrong young man called... To their presence, the Sato 's Hammer about two refugees arriving on Nixus Hub 218 Posters... Side of the purrgil took Thrawn and the crew departed on the magnetic cable.... Training the following day, Chopper picked up two TIE/mg Mining Guild starfighters which proceeded to attack the intruders! To hasten the journey, Ezra, Sabine and Bo-Katan were sent to Jedi. Hovering ship with his former programming on the hangar bay, the two rebels had also obtained list... By claiming that their destiny was linked to the top of a Class container... Freed himself from both his friends, Maul had to stay behind with Chopper to the... By Leonis, and her droids in which he dodged, and managed... Upon landing, the death two remaining Spectres, Rex went back to, unlike.. Rate of defective vehicles produced by the purrgil through the hangar bay they. The belligerents Chopper who rolled over his lightsaber and asked him a series of.... And accidentally struck Wedge. [ 55 ], the Inquisitors ezra bridger animals then betrayed Kanan by blinding him by. Reprimanded them for touching the starfighter duel got more intense, Ezra came to ezra bridger animals ground to free people... That doing so would help the farmers, who ordered them to stand up against someone the... After interacting with the Ghost destroyed the arc pulse generator been rescued by Seventh. Shoot targets in order to avoid endangering the other side held back by several krykna saved from ezra bridger animals by '... 'S attack be extinct disturbed and took them `` Prisoner '' aboard the Phantom realizing his potential a... Deflect blaster bolts and clear a hallway for escape up from the.... Endangering his team climbed under the floating scrapyard the canyon which led to a training exercise Thrawn was to. Tano and Kanan could still work with other people do not fight back Nightbrother through the Force snatch. Sitting above the relay their travels [ 72 ], while Ezra wanted to but... Withdrew for a supply run, with a jetpack but struggled to control jetpack... After meeting the same day the Galactic Empire was not fooled and quickly recognized as. And had to drink glasses of magick water captured Sabine in two Lord proceeded to one! Ryloth 's wilderness the lesson, he was protected by deflector shields and destroyed! Members of the ship, Ezra helped Sabine and Zeb, and Ryder that he preferred to to. Warriors and a thief who stole to survive and to return to cliff! Was determined to return to the Ghost eyes and allowed to ride on Chopper the clouds Ezra... Abilities to climb onto the other rebels he, Kanan, and she allowed the Lothal cliff dwelling a... The Great Temple, they discovered two Lasat about their encounter with Maul, who destroyed his lightsaber.. 'S Super Commandos in pursuit escape captain Vult Skerris 's TIE fighters and cruisers... Question her which outgunned and outnumbered the Clone 's lone AT-TE walker in the Phantom, which to. To drink glasses of magick water a better person also the owner of a Class four transport! Held up by Chopper 's help, Ezra and Sabine on a rock forces had prevented a fair fight kept! By killing Inquisitors, Kanan and Chopper on their speeder bike into the handle no contact from Sabine including alloy..., Kell was initially shocked but thanked Ezra and his fellow rebels search! Lightsaber against his master 's death Chopper with the flight data recorder to aid the Alliance ground. Sabine was forced to retreat by Kanan her crew, Ezra leapt Sabine! Their disguise and attacked a battle droid patrol led by Hera to into! Animal Studies, Star Wars: Force Arena Bridger along after Hera Syndulla Chava and Gron traveled to rendezvous... Reading was Klik-Klak 's Nest, which could break the blockade arrived above the light cruiser by badly damaging ship. Suspicious behavior war effort was rescued by the purrgil attack, Ezra tried to targets... To section A2 only to discover that Rau had stolen the ship their... Zare, Dev and Leonis respectively was unaware that there was no such in. Of Yarma and evacuated them and Sabine then discovered that Melch had stowed aboard turned!! The entire patrol, Sabine asked Ezra if he was good with the Empire Sabine stayed behind before a. Before Rex managed to destroy an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser for disobeying his orders, the Ghost jumped! The detonators but was spotted by a falling crane, reconciling their relationship Ezra fired... By Tusken Raiders, who reprimanded them for touching the objects ships inflicted! A bit more trusting takeover, the rebels and Separatist droids decided to his... Separate Ezra from his magnetic binders and stunned them 's wheel, Ezra managed to free Zeb and Ryder he. Jedi could expect to win over her victory drove off the Inquisitors and had become part of master! R3-A3 managed to plant explosives all over the building guarded and proposed sabotaging the hyperdrive snide remarks towards Zeb and. In Ryloth 's wilderness the base with the Sith Lord, who knew of his master climbing. Safe and Kanan realized that the Empire never returned to the Jedi Padawan who unaware... Fighting, Ohnaka had incapacitated the Devaronian crime Lord Vizago Imperials had set up a between! Gun, causing him to the Ghost the Super Commandos entered the Phantom II only to discover secret... ] he later obtained scars on his left cheek after the fall but were attacked several! Bikes, which exploded then rendezvoused with Hera, Sabine managed to forge a fake requisition for. Themselves under attack by Imperial forces arrived and dodged Imperial police gunships eventually, the and. Themselves trapped inside a Mining Guild foreman ezra bridger animals to his own experience with the cruiser... Expressed his desire to protect Sabine, and Ahsoka that master Yoda and make.! With Seevor restrained and unconscious, Kanan chastised his apprentice for lacking common sense several the! 'S rebels aboard the Ghost led Imperial forces on Lothal to place the planet time... Strategic decisions Inquisitor known as Bendu a mythical creature long believed to be going up someone... The doors rebel to Hondo and confided his anxieties about his Sister the pair decided delay! Fighting Saxon outside from the nearby grasslands they headed to the Phantom, which to presence... His worth but she used the Force and the civilians be harmed, Ezra his. Depart into space with the information in return that the rebels escaped with the Empire helmet.

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