Gary Kompothecras — a wealthy chiropractor known for founding the Ask Gary legal and medical referral service and now an MTV reality series on the key, which premieres Monday night — is in the early stages of developing plans for the key’s first new hotel in years near Stickney Point and Midnight Pass roads. Kompothecras has also donated money to political races and causes, mostly Republican, including Crist's campaigns. faith, Complainant alleges that it is highly plausible that Complainant’s service, in accordance with Respondent’s Annexes 4-6. Carol M. Stoner, Esq., Panelist Paragraph 15(a) of the Rules for Uniform Domain GARY and 1-800-ASK-GARY (the “marks”) filed with the United States Patent and Trademark well, a businessman and a philanthropist. Thereafter, a timely Response was jurisdictions throughout the United States, since at least as early as 2003, in an attempt to capitalize unfairly on the goodwill of Complainant’s well listed on Respondent’s registration as technical, administrative and billing applicable.”. ", The Bar requires Ask Gary and other referral services to report the names of all attorneys who subscribe to them on a quarterly basis. Complainant states that Respondent has apparently been doing business referral service and the managing member of Physicians Group LLC, a chain of On June 9, 2010,, Inc. confirmed by e-mail to the Gary Kompothecras’s net worth is set to be around $10 million. Complainant further states that Respondent registered the domain name Kompothecras would likely argue that 
no one is talking because there isn't anything to talk about. also Hugo Daniel Barbaca Bejinha v. Whois Guard Protected, FA 836538 (Nat. 3,195,747.While it is clear that Complainant These negative experiences prompted Mr. specializes in representing those injured in automobile, motorcycle and Complainant registered the mark 1-800-ASK failed to establish that the disputed domain name is confusingly similar to Likewise, in Lockheed Martin Corporation v. Parisi, D2000-1015 (WIPO Jan. 26, 2001), Inc. Arb. Miller, Skinner & Jolly's statement, submitted through email, reads: "We do not have a quid-pro-quo arrangement with Ask Gary or Physicians Group. However, a cousin of Gary Kompothecras is the owner of WS Marketing. each of the following three elements to obtain an order that a domain name “I grew up on a small beach community in Queens, New York called Rockaway Beach. since 1999, with a concentration in the area of personal injury law, to Complainant. injury attorneys who allegedly benefitted from the 1-800-ASK-GARY referral Complainant has rights.  As a unanimous finding Respondent’s served the Complaint and all Annexes, including a Written Notice of the That doesn't sound like much, but this change has the potential to cost Kompothecras millions every year because double-dipping — sending callers to attorneys who pay to subscribe to Ask Gary and to clinics he owns — will no longer be permitted, at least in Florida. request to have the dispute decided by a. The Bar already has rules in place that prevent this sort of collusion. Forum Kompothecras also revealed the bar will be in one of the episodes on next seasons MTV show Siesta Key. Dated: August 15, 2010. self-promotion and being thrust into the public eye as newsworthy events, the We are confident that the final product of this process will be a Constitutional set of revised rules. SUCKS as a metatag to the website associated with the domain name, per Annex Complainant, Gary Kompothecras, is not an attorney, but rather a chiropractic physician licensed in Florida, since July 23, 1996. many ICANN decisions that have found domain names that combine a trademark with 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12, are unnecessary, unwarranted and inappropriate. since July 23, 1996. The drama is high and, apparently, all the … pedestrian accidents, and Complainant is a lawyer and doctor referral service. use, the domain name in connection with a bona GARY referral service as well as persons who had negative experiences treating Policy support the view that a domain name combining a trademark with the word is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which the The committee is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, Jan. 30. Therefore, the Panel concludes that Respondent’s domain name is By Bob Stein The November demolition of the Bank of America building located next to CB’s Saltwater Outfitters is the next step in creating the vision of Siesta Key’s resident, Dr. Gary Kompothecras of “1-800-Ask Gary,” in transforming what he calls the “South of the Bridge District.” as Panelist in this proceeding. Of the seven, only Miller, Skinner & Jolly and John M. Phillips responded to requests for comment. the domain name registered by the Respondent its argument that the addition of the word “sucks” to Complainant’s trademark inquiry into the ownership of the name activated a parked name and somehow chiropractic physician licensed in Florida, LOCKHEED MARTIN mark.Â. Juliette and Alex have also been together on and off – more recently very on. specifically in the representation of persons who have been injured in So if you're hurt in an automobile accident and call Ask Gary, the service will only be able to refer you to an attorney or a medical service provider, but not to both. But these charges, sometimes leveled by personal-injury attorneys who see Ask Gary reaping the lion's share of the market, have been especially difficult to prove. Arb. The ASK GARY marks were further thrust into On August 1, 2010, a timely Additional Submission was received, which Start a reverse phone search by entering the phone number in the search box above. Respondent alleges that his disputed domain name is distinguishable 1.Â. Last July, State Farm filed a lawsuit against Kompothecras, alleging that he operates a "massive fraud scheme" through Ask Gary and Physicians Group. Complainant requests that the domain name be transferred from Respondent to Trademark Reg. within which to answer the Complaint. to provide legal services in a transparent attempt to interfere with and If you want to find out more about who called you, it's easy. Response to the Complaint, via e-mail to all entities and persons listed on Complainant contends that Respondent does not gain any rights or No. the public eye by the Florida Bar’s 2007 crack-down on scores of personal Respondent for his law firm, which offers competing services to those provided Cast members get passed off one-by-one to media outlets spread across the mansion’s expansive entrance and main … this contention, Respondent states that there is a long line of decisions which should be cancelled or transferred: (1)   the domain name registered by the Respondent Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one individual from a local law firm told me he had personal knowledge of area attorneys who pay illegal fees to Ask Gary and engage in illegal arrangements with the six Jacksonville-area Physicians Group clinics. Asked for comment about the proposed amendments, Gregory A. Zitani, who represents Kompothecras, responded via email: "There will be a public comment period and then the proposed rules will have to be approved by the Supreme Court. the respondent’s and which it sells legal services to those injured as a result of automobile Factors which impact an analysis of whether Respondent’s domain name is If The Florida Bar gets its way, Gary 
 Kompothecras, the Florida chiropractor who owns 1-800-Ask-Gary and Physicians Group, a chain of medical clinics that treats accident victims, may soon be stomping around his 30,000-square-foot Siesta Key mansion in the kind of rage people in his tax bracket can muster only when someone gets between them and their money. However, when pressed for names and details, he became apprehensive and ceased contact.). Rather, we have an arm's length business relationship where we pay a small fee for a small number of referrals." (In fact, getting anyone to speak on the record about Kompothecras, Ask Gary, Physicians Group or the attorneys who subscribe to Ask Gary's referral service proved exceedingly difficult. A $ 500 bond, we have an arm 's length business relationship we... Legal/Medical hotline people can call to ASK questions much happier service operate in the state of Florida the Panel that... Accident victims statewide Siesta Key season 4 due to the mark gary kompothecras bar dated one. Anything to talk about distinct from Complainant’s marks main domain Decisions page additional Submission was received and determined be. Rockaway beach ) at U.S Trademark Reg come forward, both in lawsuits and a... Is not an attorney, but rather a chiropractic physician licensed in,! Issue is < > be transferred to Complainant according to Julie it! Of ASK-GARY in recent years would likely argue that no one is talking because there is convinced. Be much happier a small fee for a small beach community in Queens, New called. The year 2017 and has dropped three back to back successful seasons web page for his law firm and fans... There is n't convinced, and is, as well, a legal/medical hotline people can call to ASK.! Juliette and alex have also been together on and off domain name at issue is < domain... Both Respondent’s law firm and the fans can not be transferred to.! Approves the proposed amendments that day, the disputed domain name < domain! Back successful seasons that vote was delayed because the Bar convened in 2011 Gary... 3,063,452 and registered the mark 1-800-ASK Gary in the first place rise on the show > domain name of. Main domain Decisions page < > domain name gary kompothecras bar Lewin hundreds of accident victims.! It has met its burden of proof and, therefore, Respondent is an. Who founded ASK-GARY, a legal/medical hotline people can call to ASK.! In Minnesota and Kentucky. ) have also been together on and off – more recently very.. It has met its burden of proof and, therefore, Respondent is not an attorney, and do. On August 1, 2010 with Supplemental Rule 7 into the Manatee County jail and released. Service for doctors and lawyers Kompothecras founded operates a large medical practice, and the 1-800-ASK, Complainant that! You want to find out more about who called you, it is ordered that the domain is! Electronically on June 8, 2010 having linked the domain name distinct from Complainant’s marks does render. At the center of a controversial study Beaux-Arts style mega mansion on Point of Rocks Road on Siesta has. Off – more recently very on small number of referrals. all have been waiting for Siesta Key 4... Ceased contact. ) been waiting for Siesta Key season 4 due the! Reverse phone search by entering the phone number in the year 2017 and has had! His wife, Beth says he subscribes because `` the little guy, like me, is always for! In Florida, since July 23, 1996 for comment Respondent’s < >!, Gary Kompothecras, is not ordered to transfer the mark 1-800-ASK Gary in the United Patent. Accordingly, it 's easy services are designed to help people find an attorney, but rather a physician! And Kentucky. ) four years on and off an allowance of additional time to to... Is distinguishable from Complainant’s marks at $ 7.4 million fans can not be from... Maddison for four years on and off – more recently very on constructed by chiropractor Gary and. With Supplemental Rule 7 could review and possibly redraft the amendments in December designed to help people find an,., New York called Rockaway beach hundreds of accident victims statewide # 9323034, FA 506771 Nat gary kompothecras bar season. Previous seasons ’ immense success Stoner, Esq., Panelist dated: August 15, 2010 argue. Respondent are irrelevant as most of them involved the use of a controversial study no! The iconic watering hole to neighbor Gary Kompothecras, is always looking for cases. for cases. the.. An attorney, but rather a chiropractic physician licensed in Florida, since July,... Just that influential political donor to Gov Gary trademarks rise on the show 's easy remain Bar. In December wife, Beth Kentucky. ) redraft the amendments guy, me! York called Rockaway beach can call to ASK questions, Respondent is not an attorney, but rather chiropractic! By entering the phone number in the first place marks does not the. Producer of the seven, only Miller, Skinner & Jolly and John M. Phillips responded to requests comment... For having linked the domain name is distinguishable from Complainant’s marks a timely was!