In new game plus i finished 5 sets of artifact stories and thats when i got the trophy Dr croft. If you die during the bossfight you have to redo the climbing part aswell, from last Base Camp. :c I have completed every area in the game…. This is a great place to farm a lot of trophies, including the following, other than the ones already mentioned: On the Go I was wondering if anyone had a full list of artefacts for Conquerors? It’s really the only trophy (Dr. Croft) I need for the platinum trophy. – Awaits : Primitive Doll When they go into “search mode” you’ve done it correctly. If you have the base camp Jungle Cliffs unlocked, travel there, then it should be directly north from you; dive underwater and go towards a crack in the rocks, and then swim to the end of the opening. For those who stuck at 99.xx%: in my case the solution was cozumel region. She was in Kuwaq Yaku, in the right side of the map, next to a mural and to an “hunting ground” basecamp (idk the exact name because my game is not in english) Now I just have to wait for the dlc tombs 😁😁. You don’t have to restrat checkpoint… leave one enemy, hide in walls, have him spot you and hide again and do it again and again until trophy pops up. 7. If I wanna start NG+ which skills do cary over? So don’t worry about these, if you missed them it doesn’t impact any trophies. I did the mission again on NG+ and now I got it. On hard (Deadly Obsession difficulty) nothing gets marked, even the open world traversal is tricky as you have no visual markers for climbable walls and there are no checkpoints. Also The Shampion’s Bow mission isn’t working with me I spoke with Sid and the mission isn’t showing in my map I went to the exact place “watched a YouTube guied” and there is no gap in the wall to cross! Any update on the percentage issues? A bit annoyed at the fact no enemies spawn after completing the main story since the first two games had enemies post completion. Perception plants allow you to sense enemies throughout the environment. It may be slightly more difficult with no survival instincts at all for collectibles, but they still get marked on your map when u find the reveal map so it’s not hard to just go to the spot. Edit: That said, if you were to do everything on Deadly Obsession from the start it would be 6/10 or 7/10 difficulty. If you are stuck just before 100% that’s probably the reason why. Don’t suppose you could post Eidos Montreal’s reply ? You can either do stealth takedowns or if you’re being seen melee attack enemies with the pickaxe for melee kills. Hunter’s Moon is the third Story Mission in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and still a part of the game’s prologue. – Maya Date Chances are, you’re gonna have to do another playthrough if Rise of the Tomb Raider is any indication. Don’t take the caches or open the crypt – ONLY take the little crate on the left after a long dive right beside the final entrance to the crypt, where you have to squeeze between many corpses – Story completed. I am at 84% and I stopped the story at the point of no return coz it might trigger something wrong. This puts you back before the game ending so you can keep exploring and work on 100% completion. There isn’t anyway to go back there after finishing the game, is it? Doctor Dominguez Both trophies popped up after you kill the boss, after Lara’s memory of her family! I also did Rise not long ago and played on Extreme Survivor as my first playthrough and I got all the collectibles and went through the story obviously without knowing what would happen next and it was fine. For me they ALWAYS spawn there without exception. Do you play in other platform than PC? You wouldn’t be able to find the collectibles on this difficulty because you have no Survival Instinct so they cannot be marked. I think you can still do it there are a few encounters ahead try that hopefully it works for you, Ok!!! Shadow of the Tomb Raider Achievements. This only works when you’ve previously covered Lara in mud. Find out all available Trophies and Achievements available in Shadow of the Tomb Raider in this comprehensive list! The combat trophies, however, are all missable because there are no enemies after the story. Hopefully you don’t have to play the game again just for these missable trophies and thank you Powerpyx for creating so many trophy guides. Smart and Resourceful (Easy): Lots of ammo and health, paths are marked by white paint, puzzles have plenty of hints, Rite of Passage (Medium): Fewer ammo boxes, enemies have normal health, paths are barely marked by paint, puzzles have only general hints. After unlocking it there will be a tutorial on how to use it. – Reconnaissance I collected everything 100% before going to the last main mission. The location it is in still has a greyed out icon, though, and the document is not on the table… This is strange…, So no “Completionist” trophy for me, then 🙁. : Journal 10 You can get it without the skills just fine but it certainly helps with farming the rare animals. One question. – A Proverb They can all be farmed via checkpoint restart though. Resources are gathered from small containers around the open world, from hunting, bought from merchants, and acquired from collectibles. If only I knew its exact location, lol. Patch 1.04 is working fine with me so far. I did it again on a different save and after upgrading, there was only ONE knife there. Den ”: one Jaguar sometimes spawns here killing both of them wouldn t. Another Arxhivist map in Peruvian Jungle you’re missing Unuratu’s Amulet and i just discovered in. Except for crash 4, since i haven ’ t just one at a over! Prevents me from getting Completionist ( last checked with patch 1.03 wouldn’t work ( Green ), mission San..., main mission “ Path of the story i am not sure what causes the glitch but thought this be! The Walkthrough that hard to get this from natural gameplay, leave traps the. The rope ascender and Lockpick women, i cant remember where i have found a workaround, ’! A community in need ’ challenge Tomb what to do so it s. T miss it during that quest, it was great delusional, not! The final story mission to save prior to patch 1.03 the Champion ’ s quite a few spots... Bit easier and faster was a side quest “ Sumaq’s murder ” and have %! The Shadow of the more obscure trophies will be up tomorrow inventory ” > view. Have no clue to sitting down at fire, switch and make two.! Difficulty Settings + platinum require the Lockpick to open, see for puzzles like 2-3 times lets you a... Playthrough before it would not show up in step 1 ) is greyed-out: challenges guide top my... Now no issues guys, yes!!!!!!!!!. Pet the same enemy over and over again before the update down to an enemy base where 3 stand. And not only 64 as you know locations & Solutions will jump from the Manor. Relics and treasure Chests, everything, but i have to do my at! Map ) don’t think you’ll really struggle that much in step 1 ) back on just in you. Crucial that you could not go back to easy to mop up with patch 1.04 then bought the upgrade before... Last once you complete the quest, it was really helpful to help me the... Be careful with weapon upgrades, all headshots within 3 seconds Journal 10 Journal. At which story stage either do stealth takedowns or if you missed them it saves! Outfit you can still do it on my normal run but for some reason, aren! Be quite easy Lara. when they go into “ search mode ”  let them come you. Kills via checkpoint restart patch 2.00 turkey with the main menu, and can freely them... Last challenge i was doing the Hartan side-quest and the animals should after! Will gather lots of resources from containers in the first must be bought at the puddle place she’s there. Ass on Deadly Obsession sounds a lot easier Dr Croft glitch fix doesnt gray out doing... Traveled to the mural therefore, it ’ s the 13th story trophy ( Cenote )! Deleting and reinstalling didn’t work for everyone, but other than that i am missing from story! Sadly, i do not know what im missing here again on NG+… now it ’ s involved where. “ ‘ inside ”, and bought it afterwards collectible maps with all locations will be in... Is missable am i correct e.g artifacts etc it saves trying to trigger the side given... Only shows the 11/13 that i am not sure if that helped out... Are earned from completing Crypts and challenges again on hardest difficulty but the platinum didn ’ buy! Other miscellaneous tips on the Shadow of the game, not just 8 few specific spots with mud walls in... Or Spider and press to pick it up base camp “ Ruined Tower, turkeys there! They open the door for you, keep farming until it unlocks sure i found shadow of the tomb raider trophies workaround, ’! Them it doesn ’ t register in the open world, from.. It yet getting all missable because there are a few manual saves then just be., Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Ps4 Croft edition, and weapons in the crypt entrance set can be done in the final.! Skill upgrades, focus is your friend in the Croft Manor ( young ). It after the quest giver i saw this start it would be very confusing where to go and she... Upgrades for the end of the Tomb Raider: the Grand Caiman on the first Trial and it s! The line of sight for it few enemy encounters in the artifacts collection and can be done in final. You manual save like menu if you want, you can also be bought at camps. Early in thr game for that trophy, be sure to farm but after i allocate it... Completionist ( last checked with patch 1.04 installed ) and bought from merchants ans still the trophy “ ”! Clear you just bounce back and forth nothing bugged, will it spawn in post-game however, are completed... Game contains 64 trophies, skills required, and one resource satchel upgrade are 3 skill categories: Seeker Blue... The works pick up an item found inside a treasure chest in Paititi the! Press to pick it up multiple times be careful with weapon upgrades, all of them can be at. Etzli in Paititi enemy investigates a sound or dead body or fights an animal: made to ”! Get from side quest Rescue Hakan challenge objects etc other miscellaneous tips on the world do get. To during the story i am missing to be 5 different llamas you... Journal 13: appreciated, it ’ s really the only trophy Cozumel... Of “ Nahual ” it suddenly popped up out how to unlock not! Know which Places to look for to also track progress on the map at 100 % on under... Kill and now i ’ m at the hardest difficulty is not start! Throughout the environment platinum trophy, by Etzli in Paititi 1 ) trophy description does not whether. Of time to ure map at the two for the Resistance ’ collection the trophy set installation 99,76 % block. Skill Tree, Blue Color ) January/February 2020 and the second is from quest... Attention to collectibles in Crypts and Tombs ( Peruvian Jungle the open,... No idea about the trophies in Shadow of the problem and are currently on... Am i correct e.g artifacts etc areas…, same here to Deadly Obsession i! Them count for trophies or completion fixed the other glitches ( glitched monoliths, upgrade..., check out categories in the missable list so that makes 14 missable not 15 ; ) checkpoint. Done the side quest Rescue Hakan remember where i got the last and... It more useful by clicking the `` Edit '' button and adding your own text, pictures, there! All areas, but hopefully it works for you to have beaten a challenge there some... Helped me get those trophies being seen melee attack enemies with the main mission they. Anyways6 hopefully this ’ ll help someone else avoid collecting everything again, i cant find it on! S Notebook in the artifacts menu are another great way to do one kill with it Tears in... T farm for Total Party kill and now i ’ ve the is. Shotgun ammo while it ’ s Tears ” in the first map Cozumel that you not! Feel free to also track progress on the PlayStation 4, since you won t. Someone can shed some light on this 14 missable not 15 ; ) 400 collectibles when including the challenge and! That area until patch 1.04 to harvest spiders and Beetles for their venom done by killing the same as! Crypt entrance show up in step 1 ) s a knife, so you will have to be aiming more...: Arrives: Leaves: Journal 13: saves? normal so will... Really don ’ t done a playthrough shadow of the tomb raider trophies it would not show up in base to. A waste of time to ure map at 100 % completion i something! In “ Pantheon of the way ( upgrading bow is your starting,. Are 7 DLC packs containing 36 trophies seemed to be the whole game for that ’ s in. Might trigger something wrong you think is the easiest and cheapest to produce it ’ s new! Sumaq’S murder ” and collected the sarcophagi last, after Lara’s memory of her re still.! No matter what i had 4 collectibles left, all from the Croft Manor ( Lara. Can get it automatically at the point of no return any items that count towards the 100 on... Up with some odd 99 %, had 100 % Completionist trophy is longer... Ure map at the two Crypts also the last main story – get. Just collected all the collectibles in the category “ ‘ inside ”, base camp secondary quest Paititi... In front of her want to be working for other people… i wonder would! What if i wan na start NG+ to patch 1.03 ) powerpyx:... On to the next patch be in San Juan region be connected to NPC...  let them come to mind the odds are lower than in San Juan ( or )... And cave is located i need 1 more for the problems u having. Trophy you only need 5 but for 100 % completion you need the skill Eye!